Customer Service Beyond Compare

"Wow! I ordered my part yesterday, and it's here today!"

- Matt, Alvin's Automotive, Oakland, CA

"Now that I've found you guys, I call you all the time. The work and service you provide is the best I've ever experienced."

- Chris, Mather Auto Dismantling, Sacramento, CA

"Pic-N-Save is the first call we make for info about used parts."

- Neil Hoff, Silver City Auto Body, Carson City, NV

Pic-N-Save Saves You Time & Money.

"Pic-N-Save saved me a BUNDLE - I can't ever see buying 'new' parts for my car again."

- John Lawerence, Carson City, NV

"The dealer wanted $150 for the part for my client's car. Pic-N-Save had it for just $45 - and got it the same day. Needless to say, I had a very happy client."

- Mario Giamona, Owner, M&L Auto, Carson City, NV

Not Your Average Salvage Yard ...

"Hands-down, Pic-N-Save is the most ORGANIZED auto wrecker in the Carson City area."

- Robbie, All American Auto Body

"You'd never know the part was used - it works just like new."

- Dave Warren, Higgins Auto Wrecking, Bakersfield, CA

"Pic-N-Save is carefree, a pleasure to work with, and the parts get here right away!"

- Mike, Idaho Equipment, Twin Falls, ID